Cooler and Making Art

So it is much cooler here.  80s with lower humidity. Yay. Hoping it stays this way.  I am signed up fore a couple of classes. One is at I love the fluid art class.  I don’t have stuff to show yet but soon. The weather has somehow motivated me.

I do want to mention a book I love. It is both beautiful and sad. “Ghosts of Gone Birds”, resurrecting lost species through art.  I got it a couple of months ago when I was feeling so many losses.  I read it and set it aside.  I am ready to look again. Here is what the covers look like. A beautiful book by accident.  They were packing it away for clearance sale.  I begged to buy it. $3.00!

Have I told you I love birds as much as cats?  I hope some of this will inspire my art.  Have an artful day.

Months Gone By

I have had a lot going on but this blog is about art so I will stick wit Art.

My friends and I went to the Plano Quilt Guild Show on Saturday.  Then we went to lunch and had an art play day at Carolyn’s home and a surprise birthday cake by Carol.  Home made carrot cake, the best!  My birthday was Sunday and I worked.  So we got together Saturday and here are some pictures of the day.  The last photo is from out talk filled, cake filled art play with watercolor.  I love my friends.


New In My Journal

I seem to be focused on play lately.  Journal play.  I have been stenciling and collaging without much thought.  Sometimes they turn into silly things and sometimes arty.  I kind of love the process.  Results are not important. So see for yourself.


I got stencils from Stencil Girl (Roxanne Coble and   Nathalie Kalbach  Nathalie Kamlbach) and Sarah Trump.  I even have a Hamsa underneath by Jessica Sporn. lots of layers and fun.  I love Sarah’s monsters and I even drew a baby on moms head! You can check the links if you like.  Play is good for our soul in this crazy time!



I guess I am sort of on a roll.  I am feeling the need of bright colors and words today.  I also was looking at my Dina Wakely books last night.  One thing several artists do is warm up exercises.  I am not quite there yet but my journal work seems to be helping me.  Maybe it is my warm up for things to come?  Today I just collages and cut papers, magazines.


In addition I am watching an Eagles nest as the babies grow up.  Maybe that is giving me inspiration.  I mostly see them resting in the nest.  I have caught them with mom and dad feeding them too.  If you want to see, here is the link.  They seem most active in the early morning and late afternoon.


Another crazy page!

Hi, I did a new page today. Same style as yesterday.  I did use some stencils today though.  They are of course Stencil Girl  and a couple from Wonderstrumpet who I just love.

Today I called my moms boyfriend.  He is so sad since she passed.  I had to scrobble journal some of that out of my system.  The way we said goodbye was the same way mom and I said goodbye.  I miss her so much as he does.  He calls her his angel sent from God. They were together maybe 30 years?  He will be 94 the end of this month.  My sisters try to go to dinner with him on Sunday’s because they know he misses mom.  So this is about love and loss.



My Journal Today

I think this is a first, no stencil work!  I love stencils and use them all the time, how did this happen?  I just meandered around my page without thinking is how.  Going through the mail I had a travel add and just cut a picture I liked.  I decided I wanted to do a black background next time I journaled so that page was ready.  I glued the picture on to my page.  Then I needed more papers.  I used an old mailer piece some strips from an old book, etc.  it looked so disconnected.  I added more.  A tiny but of color, penwork,  needed more.  Tore petals from book pages and glued them.  More penwork, a bit more color, scribble journaling and more pen.  Done I think.  Do I need to simplify? Block out? More color?  The overthinking froze me.  So, I decided to post. I will call it done for now and move on.  I need more faces, more stencils, etc.  I really enjoyed the intuitive process and want to do more like this.  May not be “art” but it is me!


Artist Crush

Do you ever get art or artist crushes?  I love art.  All kinds.  I have had many crushes. Mostly contemporary artists like Mary Beth Shaw, Nathalie Kalbach, Jessica Sporn, Nicholas Wilton, Rex Ray, Seth Apter, Roxanne Coble and more. I’ve had links in past posts.  Last year’s Creative Jump Start was so enlightening and got me searching.  We had artists who basicically did interpretations of other artists. This gave me several new crushes.  Art is inspiring,moving, painful, joyful, awakening, healing.  Art is challenging and fun. It saves me.

I have been on an adventure this last year, exploring and practicing.  Not always successfully but I’ve been happy trying. For many months I have been trying to find a way to do faces. I decided I am not going to do real life faces. I have learned sketchy faces from Dina Wakely and took  Let’s Face It  last year to learn faces.  I found that I love faces

This past month I have been practicing  the style of my latest crush in my journal.  It is Hayley Mitchell right now.  I am so drawn to the shapes and colors she uses.  It turns out I am working on a fiber piece I started 10-15 years ago that has a similar feel.

Here is one of Hayley’s pieces.  Beautiful right?


Here are two practices in my journal.  These are just for my joy and fun.  The second is still in progress.  I keep my sanity through my journal.  The second is one I did while waiting at the doctors office using only some woodies and my journal.  I was glad I had the foresight to bring supplies. Go check out Hayley’s wonderful art for an eye feast.  I’m sure glad I did.  I hope to be able to get a piece someday.

Two Months Wow!

It’s been such a long time since my last post. Busy season but no excuse.  I wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day.  This is a piece I am working on.



I drew the face using a beautiful new Zig Art and Graphic Twin I got through Art Snacks in the January box.  I love this and want more of them!  I used some muted Liquitex inks and SG stencils by Carolyn Dube A Colorful Journey.  Love her new stencils over at Stencil Girl.

I also did some metal embossing using plumbers tape (aluminum).  It is so fun.


I am hoping I am back on track now.   See you soon.


Holiday ATCs

Today I stayed home with the start of a cold.  Felt awful.   I rested and was restless.  After an afternoon nap I started playing with ATC sized cards.  Don’t know why, no plan just bored.  Here they are.  Don’t ask how carrots wound up in the mix.  I used paints, distress crayons, pens and Stencil Girl stencils.  Tomorrow Heraldry stuff.